Textile printing with DTF

What is DTF printing?

The term Direct-To-Film is hidden behind the three letters DTF . Best translated into German using direct printing on foil .

What is digital direct printing?

Digital direct printing means that we can print any colorful motif (CMYK+white) on foil and then transfer it to light or dark textiles. To make the motif opaque, white ink is applied parallel to the colors. It is printed mirrored onto a transparent heat-resistant film and then finished with an adhesive. The finished film with the motif is then transferred to the textile using heat transfer printing. The motif is extremely durable after being transferred to the textile. The flexibility exceeds previously known standards.

Please note the following guidelines when creating your graphics.


We prefer to work with vectors, but we can also do something with pixels. We accept AI, EPS, PDF, PSD as endings. Please save your data for Adobe Graphics Suite CS6. The minimum line width should be at least 1 pt and the minimum resolution of your motif should be 300dpi. Please convert fonts to paths.


Please save your print data in the original print size. Since we work with print palettes, we are given certain print ranges. A fabric bag has a maximum print width of 28cm. Sleeves measure 9cm wide and the maximum print size is 40cm x 45cm.


Please determine your chosen colors using the Pantone Solid Coated color system. If you would like color gradients, we ask that you do not grid them beforehand, as we work with our own grid.

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